Previous Events

Bradford College performance event with Supported Lives.

Support from Rik Stewart and Tom O’Neill. 28/09/2016


Tom O’Neill and Declan

Tom has been working one to one with Declan for a long time now and they work together on a range of activities. They do mostly do music related activities and we are also in a band together. They have played at prestigious venues, such as Bradford College as well as at a host of charities, such as White Ribbon. Declan learns about different types of music as well as Bass lessons with Bass Guitar being his favourite instrument. He participates in various group session around SORM and is always looking to help in an way he can with a smile on his face. The main aim Tom and Declan’s sessions are to give Declan the best possible understanding of what it is like to have responsibilities in life, but these are all taught to him in a musical sense. He is taught, discipline, teem keeping, working in a team and communication and patience. Declan is forever improving in all aspects of his life and with his main passion being music, this is the perfect way to keep demonstrating his vast amount of abilities.” Tom O’Neil
(SORM Staff Member) Works 1 to 1 with Declan at every session at SORM

Rik Stewart and the Ec-Tix

Since November 2015, Rik has been working closely with 3 of S.O.R.M’s clients with learning disabilities, doing music workshops on a weekly basis. The outcome of these sessions was the formation of a band, called Ec-Tix, that have performed on stage various times, such as at Bradford College and at our annual S.O.R.M Fest, singing songs with a backing band made up of the staff at S.O.R.M. We have seen these three individuals transform from being too shy and timid to walk into a room with strangers, to now having the confidence to perform on stage in front of small and large audience.
The following videos are the recent event at bradford college, where Declan and The Ec-Tix got to sing and perform for the Bradford College students.