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  1. Richard Raw says:

    This site is kool man!

  2. Haaris says:

    Big up SORM studios. Your aim of spreading about is become a wonderful achievement. Loving what their is to offer.

  3. Pete Forde says:

    Love the site: easy to read easy to negotiate very professional crisp and clean – great photos!

  4. Ces Joseph says:

    Brill site…. doing a great job

  5. Kevin Zen says:

    Rocking it good style!

  6. Samantha Rose says:

    SORM has gone viral! Loving the site. It is “bare sick”. x

  7. John Bolton says:

    I know I am biased but I love this place! I have such an exciting job!

  8. zara mallinson says:

    yes i love coming every saturday to do a drumming session with John Bolton

  9. tom scribbler says:

    Great place to just chill out
    Great place to sing and shout
    Great place to learn how to sing
    Great place if music is your thing

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