The Negatives

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1012006_363787363743452_458799330_nFormed in 1978, split in 1981, back in the (zimmer) frame in 2000 thanks to the interest of Dizzy Holmes at DETOUR RECORDS ( who included 3 songs – including one previously unreleased track – on BORED TEENAGERS VOL 2.Following the release of the album, the band went to The Garage in North London for a Detour showcase, and played with three other bands from the compilation – THE ZIPS from Scotland, UXB from the Midlands and KNIFE EDGE from Leeds. We also have a track included on BORED TEENAGERS VOL 3, as we continued into the ’80s as MYSTERIOUS FOOTSTEPS, having lost our singer and changed direction slightly, taking in a bit more reggae etc. A couple of line-ups and a few hundred gigs later, we are back out as a 3-piece with new tracks to play, a new cd out and a dirty t-shirt to wear old men can still cut it…’s just a case of playing good time PUNK ROCK N ROLL for everyone.

We don’t care if you’re young, old, tall, small, straightedge, f%$kedup sliced or tuckedup, all we want to do is play enough to keep us rockin in the grave.In May 2006, we found ourselves in the pages of RECORD COLLECTOR magazine, with a listing of the TOP 100 PUNK COLLECTABLE RECORDS…….look at Number 24, boys and girls, and read the name “THE NEGATIVES”. I thank yew!….Holy cow, batman, look through these pages and see if you can spot who else was in JOHN PEEL’S RECORD BOX… was a hell of a surprise to find out that Peel kept our first single – which he played a few times over the years – in the box which contained his most treasured records; we shared the space with things going back to the 50s and up to the time of his death, it’s sad to know. I’d have preferred him to still be here and us just strolling along, but now we have something to live up to. We’ll do it for John, and we miss him and just hope that he’s proud of what we do, and that he’s having fun with Walters wherever they are! Just reading through the great man’s book and see that he shovelled a load of stuff into the skip on a regular basis to stop it growing into a huge mountain; means even more to me now that he kept our single for 25 years.